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She Has My Voice: Day 21 of the April Poetry Challenge

I think most parents will understand my mixed feelings about the first day back to school after spring break. On the one side, it’s been so great having the kids home – sharing special activities and moments for which most hurried days provide no space, and I am sad for it to end. On another side, I’m a bit worn out and ready for some space and time without sticky fingers tangling in my hair, and demands for more stories, and pleas for “just one more” snack or piece of Easter candy. From another perspective I see the disciplinary disintegration that slides down the slope of relaxed routines and I know that a little more structure is just what they need. But on the flip side The hustle and frustration resulting from trying to reinstitute order to the morning process of school preparation is painful.
So, today’s poem is short and a little painful, like my mood at the moment, with just a pinch of the self-awareness I need to feed before my little trouble-makers get home and we need to have a TALK about the morning routine.

She Has My Voice

When my daughter whines
I hear my own petulance
corrupt her sweet voice.