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Poem: A Mother’s Longing

The longing swells
like a beautiful ache,
too much
and not enough,
like words
that tumble over each other rushing to be heard,
to claim a vibrant, humming space
inside each breathless moment.
A longing
for his childhood
to never end,
or at least not yet,
not soon.
Not with the dragging weight
of self-conscious awareness
to steal his effortless presence in each moment,
Not with the need to fit himself to others’ expectations.
Not with the maturing steadiness
I know he needs to find
not yet.
A longing also,
for the energy
inside these slipping,
urgent moments
to be here
with him
with joy.
To hold the space I know he needs
when I am already so over-stretched
and strained
from the need to fit myself to others’ expectations.
most of all,
this longing that expands,
this swelling space inside,
is for the world –
to make a space for him
as well for me).
To open its heart wide enough.
To receive this precious gift
of his excitement
and imagination
and utterly original